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Nov 24 2009

Observe Your Habits During Pregnancy

Published by szanuar under Child Development

During my pregnancy, my mother always reminded me to observe my everyday habits….to make it clear, Please behave nicely as how you want your future kids to react to the world. In other words, control your temper, control your emotion, respect others, build up your positive attitudes, bla..bla…bla… My mother said, all that you feel, you react, you do, will be the behaviours of your to-be-borned kids.

It’s really hard to believe at first but as time goes by, I started to believe in that. Looking at my childs and remembering what I did when I carried them in my tummy, my mother’s advice is nothing but all truth.

Kid1&2_3 Kid1&2_1 Kid2_3Kid2_4 Kids3_2 Kids_1Kids3_1 Kid1&2_4 Kid1&2_2

They inherit my behaviours, good and bad….the way they react, the way they respond, the way they handle their emotions…it’s like I’m looking at the mirror….. I saw myself in them.

So, if you think you want your kids to behave nicely and satisfactorily, you know now where you should start….Good Luck!!…..

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