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Jun 26 2009

Martial Art at Early Stage – Is It Really Necessary?

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This afternoon, I sent my oldest for the taekwondo tournament.  Looking at the contestants, I realised most of them were still small, as young as 6 years old.  Can they really take care of themselves in case anything bad happened to them while away from home?  Looking at their sizes, can they really fight any bad devils 4,5 times of their size??

As for me, there’s always pros and cons.  Yes, they may be small but I do believe, if they understand the basic of this skill, at least they can think of something worthwhile whilst waiting for ULTIMATE HELP.



As a mother, I should think in a positive manner.  If something bad is going to happen, it will always happen.  But the most important thing is the spirit of self defence in their minds. 

One’s said, those who are exposed to curricular activities will most probably lead a better life in the future.  Mums,what else are we hoping for rather than OUR KIDS…A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.. 

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