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Nov 24 2009

Observe Your Habits During Pregnancy

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During my pregnancy, my mother always reminded me to observe my everyday habits….to make it clear, Please behave nicely as how you want your future kids to react to the world. In other words, control your temper, control your emotion, respect others, build up your positive attitudes, bla..bla…bla… My mother said, all that you feel, you react, you do, will be the behaviours of your to-be-borned kids.

It’s really hard to believe at first but as time goes by, I started to believe in that. Looking at my childs and remembering what I did when I carried them in my tummy, my mother’s advice is nothing but all truth.

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They inherit my behaviours, good and bad….the way they react, the way they respond, the way they handle their emotions…it’s like I’m looking at the mirror….. I saw myself in them.

So, if you think you want your kids to behave nicely and satisfactorily, you know now where you should start….Good Luck!!…..

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Jun 21 2009

Set The Young Free to Play

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This article is taken from the Sun newspaper, 16 June 2009.  May be we can learn something from this writing.  Have fun reading..

There is no question that today’s children live a vastly different childhood from that of their parents. Now three-year-olds are already in kindergarten learning to read and write in preparation for a lifetime of academic achievement.

And as the child grows older, the schedule becomes more taxing which hardly leaves anytime for play, a much neglected but critical part of a child’s growing-up years.  Play should be one of the central activities in the lives of every child.  Engaging in healthy activities not only promote physical and intellectual growth among children but also emotional maturity.  One of the best play activities for children (and even adults) is sport and games.

Parents should understand that play is not a waste of time and that a child needs to take a break from his/her hectic study schedule to relax and unwind.  This will actually make the child become more refreshed and aletr during the study period.



Andrew Ng, founding member and consultant for the Selangor Association of Play & Expressive Therapy (Sapet), recognises the significance of play in a child’s life.  Ng runs his own play therapy centre with various therapeutic exercises such as expressive arts, music and sand tray therapy.

According to Ng, play and sport are very important to the overall development of a child.  One of the obvious key benefits is physical development.  Ng stresses that when child play, this allows muscles, bones and joints to develop, while at the same time, children learn to coordinate their body.  Another benefit, says Ng, is cognitive development where children are faced with decision making during a challenging situation at play.  “In play, a child is not only physically active, but also cognitively engaged in vital mental exercises”.

Engaging in such activities will ultimately improve the childs cognitive thinking,creativity and problem solving skills.  This therapist also cites emotional development as another key benefit of play.  When children play, they express and array of emotions such as joy, excitement, awe, fear and sadness.  Hence they learn to control their emotions and to deal with them in a more appropriate manner.  At the same time, they also learn to be sensitive to the emotional needs of others and are taught to give and take.

In terms of social development, Ng adds that when playing in groups, children learn how to interact with other children, abide by rules and regulations and learn to reason.  He also feels that children will learn to take the lead or follow orders all in the name of team spirit through play.  He concludes that through play, children will also discover more about themselves which helps to build their confidence.  This is certainly vital to prepare them for the working world in future.

 So Parents, let us lead a balance life for our child.  Let’s include the play session in their daily syllabus.  If that can make them more positive thinkers, WHY NOT?

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