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Jul 27 2009

Cute Camera for Preschooler – Vtech Kidizoom Camera

While reading the newspaper this morning, I found out one article regarding the digital camera for kids.  This camera is called Kidizooms…What a cute name!!  Ehm..I’m thinking of grooming my 5 years old-daughter to become camera pro as well…I will have a pair of camera pro at home..

Your preschooler can start contributing to the family photo archives, thanks to this year’s lineup of Kidizoom cameras, in stores next month from Vtech.  The more expensive two-megapixel model, the Kidizoom Plus has some welcome enhancements.  For USD60 (RM215), you get 2x digital zoom, a movie mode (with sound), 256 megabytes of memory and a Secure Digital (SD) memory slot.  There’s a binocular-style optical viewfinder plus a preview screen that works with a D-Pad (direction keys) to serve up five surprisingly fun arcade-style games.

An onboard photo editor transforms photos into jigsaw puzzles, and surprisingly, the photos aren’t too bad.  The more affordable 0.3 megapixel Kidizoom (USD40) has the same features as the older Kidizoom, minus the optical viewfinder.  This is one of those times where the additional USD20 gets you a lot more features.

Both cameras include a Mac or Windows photo editor, crude auto flash, USB and AV cables to connect to your computer or TV, and run on four AA batteries.  Now the next time your preschooler lunges for your Hasselbad, you can hand him his working digital camera.

 Mum, if you are thinking of buying one for your kids, you can alternatively get it here;




Article from New Straits Times, 27 July 2009.

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Jul 17 2009

Professional Photographer in the Making….

One fine day, I was approached by salesman selling mini digital camera.  That item was so cute that I couldn’t resist to buy one for my son.  Hei..I’m about to groom a future professional photographer….


The image quality is quite acceptable, considering its price of only RM50 (about USD14).  When I handed that creature to my son, I knew from his face that he’s about to discover a new hobby…being a part time photographer….


So you see….those image are like painting…considering the price, it’s acceptable to me.  Anyway, I’m grooming my kid’s interest to shoot… That’s considered a cheap investment, RIGHT??

P.S, While surfing lately, I’ve discovered this e-book that elaborates on the way to make money online from photos.  Mums, if we share the same interest, feel free to check this out on How to Start a Profitable Photography Business.


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