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Jul 07 2009

H1N1 Updates – 10 Things You Should Know About Self Quarantine

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The spread of dangerous H1N1 now is very alarming.  For those who suffers the disease, hope you overcome the situation very well.  Followings are the tips for those who’re under self quarantine;

  1. STAY HOME for the entire duration imposed and avoid contact with family members who are not required to undergo the isolation process
  2. DO NOT LEAVE HOME for functions or activities including weddings, shopping trips, religious events or tuition classes
  3. GET HELP from family members, relatives or friends to obtain daily necessities or food
  4. AVOID CONTACT with people who offer help
  5. RECORD THE NAMES, ADDRESSES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS of people that you come into contact with
  6. WEAR A MASK if you have cough, fever or sore throat
  7. PRACTISE COUGH ETIQUETTE and good personal hygiene as well as ensure good ventilation at home
  8. MONITOR FLU SYSMPTOMS including fever and cough, and seek treatment if there are such signs
  9. CONTACT THE HEALTH MINISTRY if you develop such symptoms
  10. FOLLOW UPDATES on the influenza A (H1N1) outbreak through the media


The Star, June 25 2009.


Mums, during this difficult time, WE SHOULD TAKE EXTRA CARE OF OUR CHILDS, FAMILY.  This outbreak seems to spread very fast.  In Malaysia, number of local transmission is increasing day by day; seems like the precaution measures among locals are not really being taken seriously.  IS THAT THE CASE??

Sometimes, it’s just difficult to avoid the crowd..But this disease is really a killer…Left us of NO CHOICE but to really BE A SUPERGUARD…So mums, good luck and take extra care!!

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